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6 Ways to Retain Customer Engagement with Short Form Video Content for your Crowdfunding Campaign

Updated: May 4, 2021

Short form Crowdfunding videos are fantastic for drawing in viewers. Most often the main crowdfunding video just isn't enough to retain engagement. Having multiple short form videos supplementing the main campaign video, each with their own message, will increase your chances of convincing viewers to back your goal!

When you're running your crowdfunding campaign, video is one of the most vital components to successfully hit your funding goal. However, lots of companies are so caught up with the main, long format crowdfunding video that they forget about producing content surrounding the campaign. Furthermore, some businesses believe it's an expense that they are not willing to realise, thus deciding to rely on the sole, key crowdfunding video. However, it is extremely important to maintain regular campaign video updates. It helps maintain customers in the loop, it furthers engagement and can be very cost effective if planned correctly.

Lets say you hired us, Airview Productions, to carry out the main crowdfunding video. A London production company like us should always plan the video shoot around all possible video content that we are able to capture whilst on location, to then be able to produce smaller videos with different emphases; Maybe you want to have a short video filmed specifically telling viewers about a recent deal or introduce them to your team and why they believe in the work they do for you, show your sales growth and statistics, or introduce your clients through testimonial videos.

It is entirely possible to keep things cost effective because most of the time you are booking a production company for an entire day, which means you are able to utilise that time to film extra content after the main video is finished which should give you plenty of engaging content for your audience throughout the campaign. However, you do have to make sure that you communicate with the production company if you either want to retrieve raw footage from the company or you are looking to use that extra footage to have smaller edits done. There are a number of ways to maximise video production on a cost effective model, you simply have to liase with the production company you've hired to see how the time booked can be maximised.

It is one thing to structure the key crowdfunding video and a completely different ball park when it comes to creating smaller videos that supplement it. Ideally, you will maintain the style throghout the campaign, both visually and story wise. Consistency is key and is something customers get drawn in by. There are also numerous types of short campaign videos that would benefit your crowdfunding campaign. Here are some of the more effective short bite videos that can help you run your campaign.

Tips for crowdfunding campaign videos

1. Your Personal Story

Having a video of your personal journey can set to create an emotional connection with your target audience. People don't just invest into the product or business they also invest into the co-founder and their ambition, authenticity, and passion to have their next steps become a reality. It's one of the biggest reasons for people investing, and that's why this is such an effective short form video to have complimenting your main crowdfunding video which showcases your campaign.

2. Testimonial Videos from Investors, Customers & Backers

Probably the most effective way of convincing your audience to back your campaign is a word from those that have already done so or the people that use your product or service. These guys are the ones who believe in what the campaign is trying to achieve! Hearing why they invested or backed your campaign shows authenticity and connects the viewers in a different way instilling a sense of community, a sense of safety and even pride.

A short video highlighting key features and why the world needs your product or service helps people understand what you're trying to achieve. A short product video is the perfect opportunity to showcase the design, the features and the functionality of what you are trying to sell. With a set location filming, it's a perfect opportunity to get sleek robotic product shots which can stand on their own or can be added as cutaway shots in a video to share in your crowdfunding campaign.

4. Recent Activities & Updates

Keep your community, potential backers and investors, and existing contributors updated with how the campaign is performing. News and updates on your campaign are extremely effective as we find that those with the most successful campaigns tend to have the largest and most engaged communities behind them. It also serves as a domino effect, if you update your audience with amazing news it's likely that they will want to share that with others too! It's not easy to create shareable viral video content, however, aiming for that widespread support in a combination with a strong marketing effort, highly engaging videos, trustworthy founders and a quality product can get you to your goal and beyond.

5. Meet the Team

Similar to your personal story and testimonials, a meet the team video is not only a great video to put on the campaign page but it gives your viewers more by knowing the personalities, ambitions, and experience they're backing. At the end of the day, people do invest into the business or product, but without someone to believe in they won't be willing to put their money down. Showing your face and your team is important, and it can achieve a lot for your crowdfunding campaign.

6. Global, Cultural & Social Contribution

On a global scale people are becoming more and more conscious of the environment, leading organic and healthy lives at the same time taking into account how businesses, products and services are effecting the way we live. The topic has become so conversational that it lends itself to sharability and praise to those who are making a positive difference in the world. By creating a video with this kind of message which is related to your campaign can really boost sales and investment in what you're trying to achieve as people want to put their money into something that make a positive impact. If there is a chance to highlight how your business, product or service can help the planet, this is a perfect time to showcase it and let people be a part of it.

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