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Companies often get so caught up getting the main Crowdfunding Video perfect for the investment page that they forget about the visual content for the campaign itself. The most effective campaigns surround their key video with smaller bite size content to raise awareness and maximise leads. This is very important.


At Airview we ensure that when we carry out our pre-production we don't throw all of our efforts only towards the main crowdfunding video. We make sure that the main video fits within the crowdfunding campaign content itself; Meet the Team, Recent Deals, Updates and Success, and Testimonial Videos from investors and customers are just some of the ways to keep your campaign fresh and up to scratch.

Whether you're targeting passionate early adopters in pre-sales or looking for venture capital, we've got the experience, knowledge, and equipment to make sure your message is told right.

Meet The Team

The transparency and credibility of any business are reflected in the people that work for it. Investors invest in people first, meaning that your team's personality, and ambition are crucial to crowdfunding. The people that surround the founder are as important as the CEO. Introducing the team enables investors to get an insight into how your business is being run and the atmosphere, and professionalism of the company so that they know their money will be used effectively. A meet the team video is also a great way to show why your business is unique and why the people in it are valued pieces of the bigger puzzle.

Crowdfunding video additional content filming

Recent Deals, Success & Progress

Suppose you have just carried out a 1-day marketing deal and it resulted in a large return. Or perhaps you have just landed a multi-territory deal with one of the biggest agencies in the country. Or a new and significant person might have just joined your team. These are all examples that reassure investors of your credibility, confirm that what you've said in the main video is legitimate and increases the chance that extra content like this would tip certain investors over to fund your campaign. Visual content demonstrating the changes in your company could be the difference between succeeding or failing.

crowdfunding films UK

Investor & Customer Testimonials

Testimonial videos are one of the most effective ways to get investors on board. Authentic, truthful, and third party praise gives a type of marketing that you can't achieve with someone who is part of the company. When it comes to filming your investor or customer for the crowdfunding video, it is highly advised to always capture this as a separate video to showcase why your company deserves to be funded. Let people surrounding you build your brand, it instills trust and further increases your chances of getting funded.

Crowdfunding Videos UK
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