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Crowdfunding video prices





Undeniably one of the more important questions to be asked. So let's get straight into it:

The first thing to understand is that there is no set price for a crowdfunding video - all of them are different and require different budgets. Budgets for crowdfunding videos are individually tailored. The more budget you are able to allocate the higher quality you can expect. Don't be discouraged - even with a minimal budget you are able to achieve your goals.

On average marketing experts suggest allocating around 10% of the value you are looking to raise towards video creation and marketing. For example, if you are raising £100,000 then 10% of that would be £10,000 which typically would be split 50/50 (Video Creation/Video Marketing). So you would end up spending £5000 on the video and £5000 on the marketing campaigns which would put the video in front of people.

Don't make the mistake of spending all of your 10% on video production alone. If you don't spend money advertising the video then it will be a great video with no one to see it. You want your video to generate leads, however unless you already have a large audience behind you, advertising budget is a must.

There are ways to cut costs on your crowdfunding video production. At Airview we can help you with innovative budget solutions to make video creation more affordable to you. So don't hesitate, get in touch for a free consultation.




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Non-equity crowdfunding videos highlight the product above all else. Selling rewards is the key factor in running a successful campaign and in most cases the main product itself or bundles of 2 or 3 products will be considered rewards. 

Your crowdfunding video budget will be determined by using a number of factors dependent on the quality you are after. We have seen the "Dollar Shave Club" kickstarter video referenced more times than we could count and one has to realise that although the video only cost £3500 to make, the company provided their own location, had an extremely charismatic CEO and put the trust into the video production company's hands 100%. We are able to work with your budget and create content which is original and provoking, however a lot of the budget will also depend on what you yourself can bring to the table.




Equity crowdfunding videos are all about your business. They deal with how you've been disrupting the market, why you need the investment, how the ROI will work and many more ins and outs that make the video effective.

Similar to non-equity crowdfunding video, equity crowdfunder's budget is determined by a number of factors including shoot days, locations, props and more. However, equity videos are more formulaic, they tend to have a more fixed structure that helps to guide potential investors through the processes of the company and prove to them why it's worth owning shares in this particular venture. Although formulaic, this video structure has a high success rate and is much more cost effective to produce as opposed to non-equity crowdfunding videos. 


With over £5 million raised in equity crowdfunding videos we will be able to advise on the budget requirements for a video that will be both; appealing to the investor and will increase your chances of funding.


Spread the cost for up to 12 months with the 3 month interest free option! See our prices below

We know it can be difficult paying for video in one huge sum. That's why our flexi payment plan protects your cash flow and gives time for your ROI to come through. It's more manageble, it's safer, it's better.

Crowdfunding Video Prices UK


Cash flow is important and at Airview Productions we understand this. That's why our range of video services reflect how much is needed to get a campaign video together. Crowdfunding is highly innovative and to provide the best results for your campaign we offer a range of solutions to make sure you’re ready to tackle the challenge ahead of you. Crowdfunding video is a specialist service, thus it requires specialists to put the pricing together, so that you come out with the most optimal price for the most content produced.

Our crowdfunding prices cover our Crowdfunding Video Production, Crowdfunding Consulting, Crowdfunding Marketing, Crowdfunding PR, Crowdfunding Accelerator and Crowdfunding Campaign Design services. Whether your crowdfunding campaign is live, in the early stages before your launch, or able to take pre-orders, we can work with you to make your campaign wow investors and produce a meaningful, and long-lasting outcome.

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