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We are one of the leading UK based
crowdfunding video production companies


With 95% success rate
in getting campaigns funded


We've helped startups & SME's 
raise over £29 mil. 

in equity and non-equity campaigns.

Platform: Seedrs

Target: £850,000

Raised: £1,067,229 

Nestled in Zurich, Switzerland, Swisscann, a pioneer in the European medical cannabis industry, recently triumphed in its fundraising efforts, achieving a remarkable pre-money valuation of £9.3M. 

The team at Airview Productions traveled all the way to Switzerland to film the whole campaign within a single day. We feel proud to have contributed to the growing medical cannabis market, showcasing the pivotal role of compelling visual storytelling in driving investment and awareness.

Platform: Crowdcube

Target: £750,000

Raised: £1,293,050

Unbound drove their crowdfunding campaign to a success of over £1.2 million. Disrupting traditional publishing with fresh ideas that don't fit the mould, Unbound is an innovative company that has been growing exponentially in recent years. Together with TribeFirst, we were able to produce a non-traditional, documentary-like crowdfunding video which helped them reach and exceed their goal.

With our flexible packages, we were able to conduct interviews around tight schedules and even accommodate some last-minute call-ins. As the business is about international development, we were able to collaborate, research, and source the right footage that best fit the issue Unbound was trying to address.

Platform: Crowdcube

Target: £200,000

Raised: £693,231

At Airview we love working on crowdfunding projects which at their core promote sustainability.  Carbon Gold’s scientifically & commercially-proven formulas replace harmful pesticides & unsustainable peat composts, last longer, support healthy soil biology, & lock away CO2. 

With the help of TribeFirst we set out to make a crowdfunding campaign video that is driven by the friendly approach of the CEO. Beyond filming we mixed in hand-drawn animation to demonstrate why Carbon Gold is a great investment.

Crowdfunding Video

Video has become the most integral part of any crowdfunding campaign. Campaigns with integrated videos are proven to succeed at a much higher rate. At Airview, we work with you to understand the core of your company and its values which helps us optimise your campaign and appeal to investors.


With over 95% success rate and more than 20 campaigns overfunded, our crowdfunding video production guides you through the processes; from concept to strategy all the way to the delivery. Our crowdfunding videos are sleek, highly representative of your brand ethos and focused on your unique message. Have a look at the examples from our previous campaigns below!

SwitchUp - Kickstarter Campaign
ROCKETO Crowdfunding Video
Canteen Collective - Seedrs Video


Spread the cost for up to 12 months  with the first 3 month interest free option! See our prices below.



The platform you crowdfund on depends on the product or service you provide and the target audience you are after.

Whether it's 'Kickstarter' or 'Crowdcube', 'Indiegogo' or 'Hatchfund' it is important to know the fundamentals of these platforms before you decide to commit to one. In this page we briefly go over the core ideas crowdfunding platforms.

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