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Music Video Production London

Our Music Video


Filming music videos and music inspired films has always been one of our favorite categories of filmmaking. We are always striving to create a mood specific look and atmosphere. We often liase with the client in regards to the feel of the video or we can carry it out independently. Nonetheless, our priority is to represent the talent in the most accurate way.

Although trends are important in todays music video industry, however trendiness does not always translate into views. The music has to reflect in the video and vice versa, meaning that if it is at an expense of being trendy, then we will look for a compromise.

 Our Work 

Music Video Filming London
Scarlett Fagan - Booze & Coffee
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Scarlett Fagan - Booze & Coffee

Matthew Dyer - City Love ft. Jebonair (Music Video)
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Matthew Dyer - City Love ft. Jebonair (Music Video)

Matthew Dyer - Till The Morning Light
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Matthew Dyer - Till The Morning Light

 Need Other Services? 

Brevity - We capture the essence in a short format documentary using our innovative ways of storytelling.

Bold - Our commercials are trendy and visually pleasing. Our subject matter - dauntless.

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Our G.o.A.T of

a team

We are a team who is constantly on the grind. Pushing for higher production value, bolder content. We are unconventional, unpredictable and strainless. A hard working team, who also likes to have fun creating a friendly environment for everyone on set.


Our portfolio speaks for itself, from millions of views on YouTube to our crowdfunding videos being overfunded to name a few, get in touch and you'll see how effective our videos can be.

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Our passion streches beyond client work. We love creating so much, that we have in turn producted our own unique creative content with various talent including musicians, dancers, pro athletes and more. Why? Because we simply love making videos and films. We've built our company from scratch, bought all our own gear internally with no external investment, and continued striving for the next challenge on a daily basis. As a result we produce nothing but high-quality, thought provoking creative content which our clients love!

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collaboration above all

You know your business better than anyone, and we know how to create videos that count. This goes beyond a simple trade, it's a collaboration of talent to create videos that have an impact, videos that are trendy and long lasting. Together we will ensure that your brand, your personality, and your message shines through.


Forget about the dull corporate videos you see everywhere. Our video will hit the target audience, it will engage the viewer and provide the best ROI possible.

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