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Video Pricing


The question we're most frequently asked is, "How much does your video cost?". Providing a straightforward answer is challenging because it varies with each project and depends on the type of video you need. Whether you're looking for a corporate video, a creative video, or a crowdfunding video, we collaborate with you to ensure your budget is effectively allocated to maximize ROI.


Understanding video pricing can be overwhelming, especially for a service that doesn't result in a physical product. Nonetheless, what you're investing in is the craftsmanship and artistry involved. It's worth considering how vital high-quality video content is to your objectives. At Airview, we offer pricing models designed to safeguard your cash flow and provide a comprehensive cost breakdown tailored to your specific video requirements, all while maintaining the video's quality and intended message.

How Your Quote is Created

Our video production services are suited for a wide range of budgets. Although each quote is determined on a project by project basis, our cost effective approach allows us to tailor our production to your specific budget whilst keeping the video message intact. In each video production quote, you can always expect 4K video production with high-end audio capture, licensed music track, text and graphic based animations, and amendments where needed.

Our London video production prices vary depending on the amount of filming days required, locations and any additional extras like voice overs, motion graphics or actors. All these parts contribute to the value of your video.

Contact us today  with your project and let our video production skills lift your brand to the next level.

Video Pricing

Corporate Video Packages

Whether you need to increase traffic to your website, deliver product information quickly or portray the human side of your business; corporate video has been proven to be the most effective method of reaching your customers online.


Contact Us Today for your Corporate Video Project

Video Testimonials

Connect with people online through the much more personal medium of video. Staff interviews and testimonial videos from happy customers are best way to build trust with new clients and improve your business’s image online.


Contact Us Today for your Video Testimonial

Event Filming Packages

Event videos capture the key elements of various occasions, the people in them, but most importantly an event video has to convey the atmosphere. Usually presented in the form of a highlight video, however it can also be presented in a longer format.


Contact Us Today for your Event Video

Explainer Video

Explainer Videos are taking the internet by storm, and it’s not hard to see why. Deliver your perfect pitch every time by translating all the benefits of your product or service to viewers in 2 minute or less.


Contact Us Today for your Explainer Video 


Spread the cost for up to 12 months with the 3 month interest free option! See our prices below

We know it can be difficult paying for video in one huge sum. That's why our flexi payment plan protects your cash flow and gives time for your ROI to come through. It's more manageble, it's safer, it's better.

Our Crowdfunding Approach

Video has become the most integral part of any crowdfunding campaign. Campaigns with integrated videos are proven to succeed at a much higher rate. At Airview we work with you to understand the core of your company and its values which helps us optimize your campaign and appeal to the investors. Our crowdfunding video production guides you through the processes; from the concept & strategy all the way to the delivery. Our crowdfunding videos are sleek, highly representative of your brand ethos and focused. 

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