Crowdfunding Platforms



The structure and message of every video is dependent on the crowdfunding platform you have chosen to use. It also depends on what you're offering and who your target audience is. Therefore, we've made it our business to know the right crowdfunding video approach needed for each platform, the hooks that grab viewers' attention, and the ways to maximise your content use.

Whether you're targeting passionate early adopters in pre-sales or looking for venture capital, we've got the experince, knowledge, and equipment to make sure your message is told right and your crowdfunding video engages viewers.

Public Crowdfunding

Platforms: Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, Crowdfunder


Aiming at passionate people can be difficult because you need to find a very specific problem and find your target audience. Your rewards, target marketing, and a unique crowdfunding video is a triple threat needed to win this audience over.

Equity Crowdfunding

Platforms: Crowdcube, Seedrs, Syndicate Room


Whether you're a start up or SME, investors are much more concentrated and the requirement for a more standardised approach is higher. They a deep understanding of your business and have to know the numbers inside out, but most importantly, they need to believe in you.

Specialised Crowdfunding

Platforms: Seed & Spark, Property Partner, Hatchfund


It's always worth looking at specialised crowdfunding platforms as they have are likely to hold a specific segment of your audience and understand what you set out to achieve. See what they offer and contact them to get the very best results.

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