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Pre-production is the most overlooked, but possibly the most important stage of your project. Lots of companies make the mistake of jumping too quick into the production and filming, without having the vision or strategy in place. This results in a video that often looks amateur, rushed and produces no results in the end. At Airview, we make sure that before even starting to consider the shoot dates, you have a clear structure. Everything from concept, to storyboards, to the finished script is essential to produce videos that make an impact. 




It is crucial to know how much you can afford to spend on a video. Many companies will ask for a quote without taking into consideration location, props, talent, equipment and other significant variables that will affect the price, as well as, the final look of the video. 9 times out of 10, if you miss one piece of the puzzle, the puzzle will fall through, thus it's extremely important to know how much you can afford to spend.

We are able to acommodate for various budgets, you can see our price list here.

Many of our clients come to us expecting to produce a 'Hollywood' looking video. Although this is entirely possible, the time and money needed for this grows exponentially. 




It's extremely important to know exactly what you want from a video and what your brand needs. However, when it comes to video creation, there are lots of traps that can impact the end result. Although, having a vision is extremely important, it is also crucial to stay flexible and let us help you navigate those traps. Therefore it is great to come up with a concept and let us help you write the script. However, if you already have a script written, we will look over it and adapt it for the screen. 

Our prices vary depending on your needs, have a look at the basic price list here.

Pre-production is all about managing expectations. It is the stage of video production where you decide how high-end you want go.




Once the script is finalised we can then start planning the shoot dates. Although numerous times this depends on external factors, such as contacting your clients to arrange dates, the number of locations, how far they are apart. However a shooting schedule always keeps things organised and minimises the risk of surprises that can come up. The most cost effective way is to try and figure out what scenes or takes could be shot on the same day and the same location. This will help you keeping costs low and will ensure and more speedy production.

Time is money and money is time, learn to be cost effect and see our price list here.

Although pre-production can be daunting at first, we can help with every step of the process. We've been there, we've done it multiples times, so let us assist!


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