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Production is where the magic happens. There are many video production companies around London, however Airview stands out. We are a small, but a very agile team, meaning that our productions are time efficient, high-standard and most importantly create a friendly environment for the talent. Filming is only a small part of the production process. Possibly the most time consuming stage of any production is location setup which includes everything from props, to composition, to lighting the set. We are used to London, a city which fast paced and has got a rhythm. We have adapted to it and transformed our production cycle into an organised and fast-paced process.




The classic mistake constantly made by our clients is placing too much emphasis on how the video will look and forgetting the message as a result. This tends to result in a video which does not engage the audience and thus proves to be ineffective. It's a 50/50 split and most of the times it is extremely important to focus on the message and story being conveyed and let the image speak for itself. Style matters, but it is the message that ultimately sells.

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A visually stunning piece is only half the battle. Let us help you create a well balanced video, that tells your story in the most enticing manner.




It is so tempting to film everything that you see, everything that is around you. Whether that's the office space, or a client that loves your product. Every shot needs to have a reason, every take has to be justified. We live in a fast-paced world where people's attention spans are getting shorter. Thus prolonging the video with no justification actually serves your video in a negative way.

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Video production is the deciding factor and choosing an experienced team is vital. At Airview, we will always help you with deciding the most important details, as every video that we do serves a purpose and sends a genuine message.



Sometimes despite how much prep in pre-production has been done, stories take their own path. Don't be rigid, sometimes it's better to let a story tell itself. In turn, the video becomes more organic and natural to watch. Often times, clients like to micro-manage and take control of every little thing during production, which can damage the video in the end. We will help you navigate this and will be able to advise, so that your video is not just another corporate, robotically staged film.

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Production is a flexible process, new ideas come and go and can really boost the result in unexpected ways. Don't be afraid to experiment when it comes to production.


Corporate Video Production London

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