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Conference Event video

We carry out conference filming in London and around the UK. A multi-cam setup is nothing new to us, having filmed presentations, keynotes and other types of conference videos, we have the experience and the team to capture every detail. 

Conference filming is a form of videography that requires great coordination as multiple people are involved in the filming. Every camera has to be matched to provide the same exposure, colour and quality, so that the cuts in your final product are seamless and the viewer is able to fully engage with the information.


Promotional Event Video

Releasing your new product anytime soon? Have a lot of excited customers? Let us capture those moments!

Launch Party Event Video

Thinking of having your brand launch party any time soon? Need a video?

Event Marketing Video

Award Ceremony Video

Capturing conference videos and presentations from speakers all across the globe. Click to find out more!

Conference Videos


An event video gives viewers and atmosphere and peak into what to expect. A photo can capture hundreds of moments which you can use for social media!


We always advise making the most of content and recommend Photography for your marketing efforts.


If you want to maximise the impact of your next event, contact us today!

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