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Launch Party


First memories when starting a brand or a new campaign are important. This is why we offer a service which is very specialised and something that we are specialists in. Launch party videography is distinct, because it aims to create a blend of excitement, showcase your core audience, as well as leave a visual trace that can be built on.


At Airview we've done numerous launch party event videos in and around London and the UK. Our team is experienced enough to be invisible in your event, yet capture the most important details and stay in the centre of the action. Whether you are looking for a brand launch video or you are releasing a new product or service to the market, we at Airview are more than capable to help.


Promotional Event Video

Releasing your new product anytime soon? Have a lot of excited customers? Let us capture those moments!

Award Ceremony Video

Want to capture the atmosphere, the awards and the participants on the biggest night of the year? Click below to find out more!

Conference Video

Capturing conference videos and presentations from speakers all across the globe. Click to find out more!

Launch Party Videos


An event video gives viewers and atmosphere and peak into what to expect. A photo can capture hundreds of moments which you can use for social media!


We always advise making the most of content and recommend Photography for your marketing efforts.


If you want to maximise the impact of your next event, contact us today!

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