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It is the stage when you have all your footage, assets and music together to finally be placed into the sequece which is then cut, colourgraded, audio mixed and exported. For any video production company this will be the last stage of finalising the product which is then pushed through marketing and advertising. At Airview, we take pride in the way we edit, as we are able to seamelessly blend our own footage with that provided by the client and still maintain a professional look. We place great emphasis on the music we choose and the colours that we pick to fit a specific brand.




Audio is the emotional bridge between the film and the audience. Music can be a deciding factor and the hook within the first few seconds of opening a video. Therefore, it needs to not only fit the atmosphere, but also compliment and bring in new flavours that the viewer can take on board. We spend countless hours looking for licensed music, therefore our videos always stand out with unique sound and a very specific emotion.

Licensed tracks is part of our cost, check out our price list here.

It is common for a lot of video production companies to stick on a music track at the very end as background music. However, we tend to pick the track even before we start the edit sometimes making music one of the centre pieces of the project.




When we mention colorgrading to our clients, most times they are not sure what we mean or why it's important. Let us explain: Your raw footage is like a grey canvas which if shot with the right settings can be manipulated and colored to a specific effect. For instance if a tree in the background has brown leafs, it is entirely possible to turn them red, or even green. Colorgrading allows us to eleviate emotion and create an atmosphere that fits with your brand.

Interested to learn about our prices? See our price list here.

Colorgrading is not necessarily about the huge changes. In most instances it is simply used to amplify the feeling of the video by giving it a distinct look.




Numerous video production companies will edit their footage with disregard to the story being told. The main reason for this is trying to fit in the best looking shots that don't contribute to the message, but are merely placed in because they look good. This is a common mistake, that impacts the effectivness of your video. The way to go around that and still utilise the best footage shot is to use in as additional clips for your campaign or social media.

Let us help you tell your story! See our price list here.

It is a balance between story, image and sound that makes the most effective videos. At Airview we combine all of those to create films with longevity in mind.


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