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Over the last few years, social media videos have become some of the most popular form of content released online. From brands to online news outlets seeking online success, social media content has proved to be the most effective online content to date. Whether you are looking for a short or long format social media video filming, the key is your target audience and we have access to it.


At Airview we offer a fresh, youthful approach to filming social media videos in London and around the UK. Although, a lot of websites claim that online social videos have to be extremely short format to keep the attention of the viewer, we have had success with videos that span much longer than 1 or 2 minutes. This is because we take time to research into your target audience so that the visual content and the information is relatable and appealing to the viewer. We will make sure your video is formatted correctly for any social media platform fitting into your campaign and reflecting your brand values precisely.

The Statistics

According to the latest online surveys, over 60 percent of a 1000 subjects surveyed watch branded video content via Facebook and YouTube every day. Futhermore, over 64 percent of all the subjects have agreed that online ads have influenced their purchases online.


Facebook and YouTube are platforms with the highest engagement rates, which is extremely important for your brand's exposure, as well as monetization.


It's one thing to create a video, however it is a completely different ball game when it comes to distributing and reaching your audience. Many companies will spend their budget on a creating the best looking video for their marketing needs hoping it will increase engagement and bring more clients on board. However, with the speed of social media a single video can easily get lost among a sea of millions of other videos. A better way to approach this would be to have a key video and a number of smaller videos surrounding the main video. It can be efficiently done by utilising the filming days to get extra content. 



You know your business better than anyone, and we know how to make videos that target specific audiences. It's a collaboration in which together, we plan exactly what your video needs to convey, how it will be shot, and where it will be distributed. Whether it's a corporate video, creative video or crowdfunding video, we ensure that your brand, your personality, and your message shines through.


Forget about the dull corporate videos you see everywhere. Through collaboration, we ensure that this the video hits its mark, engages your audience, and provide the best ROI possible.

Social Media Video

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