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Our Crowdfunding VIDEO Portfolio

SwitchUp - Kickstarter Campaign
ROCKETO Crowdfunding Video
Canteen Collective - Seedrs Video
Carbon Gold Crowdfunding Video
The Real Olive Company Crowdfunding Video
Family Secret - Crowdfunding Video
Quinola Mothergrain - Crowdfunding Video
Andersen EV - Crowdfunding Video - Round 2
Andersen EV - Crowdfunding Video- Round 1
Gusto Organic - Crowdfunding Video

Crowdfunding Video

From reward based Kickstarter crowdfunding videos all the way to equity based Crowdcube crowdfunding videos, we acommodate everyone. We love working with brands that promote sustainability, this is why almost 80% of our portfolio is based around brands promoting greener, healthier living. We tailor every video for you, so that your ethos, style and pace are kept intact. We are a small company and thus very flexible, thus we can easily adapt to the way you like to work. Whether you want to work closely with us on a video or let us take the reins more, we are here to help!

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